Hello There!

Hi everyone, I’m glad to have you here. Hope you stick around so we can get acquainted. Sending love and blessings your way.

I love to connect with people, and live in community as long as you are striving to do your best and reach out to help another person.

Remember at the end, you only keep what you gave away. The greatest man said ‘ If you want to be the greatest, be servant of all’ and He led by example by washing the dirty feet of HIs followers.

Let me know if there is a way i can help or serve/ support you today.


Intro to GracewaYesu

Hey how is your new year going so far? Hopefully you haven’t had trouble writing the new year when you journal. Thank God for technology that does that for us in emails and texts. My high school days consisted of everything handwritten so every year I struggled with writing the previous year’s date.

I am so glad to be able to finally get this blog going. I started one about six years ago and probably posted three times. It was more like a private journal to record my journey in the diaspora. I have definitely been through quite a bit of ups and downs, drama and beyond. Believe me when I say I have been there, done that, got the hat and the t-shirt ! 🙈

So i want to do a quick introduction of who I am am and what I intend to use this platform for. I believe in destiny and purpose a lot and I believe it is not coincidence that you are here reading this. I pray you will be drawn even further and deeper into your purpose for this life.

My greatest desire is to fulfill Gods purpose for my life, before I head home and join Him. I know eternity starts here when He comes to live in me, but I also know it will be a totally amazing moment when we get to be together again in the same space physically. I will touch and feel the holes in His nail-pierced hands. My bridegroom, my love, my one desire. He promised to go make a place for me, and return to get me (and others who are His bride) and we can be together forever.

Meanwhile though, we have to get by without Him here in body but I am so glad His Spirit is here with us. I hope to be able to care for the things He cares about that He left me in charge of.

One of my heart’s cries has been to make it easier for someone that might be where I was to draw nearer to their heavenly Father who so deeply loves them. I want to use this blog to show them that’s it is easier that most of us think, especially since He is doing all the work. All the chasing, His gift in hand. We Justin have to allow Him in and explore what it means to be in a love relationship with Him.

My other desire is that someone who is already a Christ follower can get encouraged, but beyond that get challenged to share with others the hope we have that many out there do not. Obviously we are all different and everyone will do this their own way, but we do have to become more intentional in our sharing.

Many posts will probably be about my adventures, because a Jesus girl has a balanced life, and it is a joy to our Daddy when we enjoy the life He has provided us with. And the life within us looks like something. I am praying that someone further away will be drawn not to me but to the light shining through this broken vessel.

I will be back again soon. Blessings to you and have a lovely evening.

I have a few videos on periscope, see some things I have been up to recently and some thoughts and convictions i have